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Doggy Daycare


Day care facilities are available 7 days a week from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

There are no minimum visits nor late fees. However, if you have not made prior arrangements for pick-up beyond 5:30 PM, your dog will be placed in overnight boarding for an additional $10.00 charge.

We cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate pick-ups after 5:30 PM but will attempt to assist with unusual circumstances.

Your dog will have behavior assessment on his first day at no additional charge. If it is determined your dog's social habits do not conform with the other dogs, he will receive private exercise time that may be for a shorter period of the day. We design all exercise/play times for the dogs based on the size and age and we welcome you to input.

In as much your dog's day will include play and socializing with other dogs, his coat will be subjected to "licking and pawing" by his new friends. Therefore we offer you the ability to bathe them at the time of pick-up in our grooming area for an additional $5.00 or we can bathe upon request for an additional $13-$20.

Daycare Daily Cost 1 Dog$16.00, 2 Dogs $26.50
3 days $45/$75, 4 days $57/$95, 5 days $69/$115, 6 days $80/$135




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